What Is Greek Yogurt

You are not the only one that has wondered “What Is Greek Yogurt“?

What Is Greek YogurtQuite simply, the only difference between regular yogurt and greek yogurt is the way it is processed. Greek yogurt, also known as strained yogurt, is made through a process of straining the yogurt through a cloth or paper bag to separate or filter the whey from the yogurt, creating a consistency of a rich creamy yogurt or cheese, while maintaining the desirable tart taste.

Greek yogurt has been used in cooking and eaten frequently on a daily basis for those living in the east near the Mediterranean and or East Asia. Cooking with this consistency of yogurt and higher fat content, it allows the yogurt to be heated and it won’t curdle. It also gives a distinct taste for common dishes eaten in that region.

However, the popularity of Greek yogurt in the US and parts of Western Europe has spiked lately due to the fact that Greek yogurt is so much higher in protein and less fattening. With the removal of the whey from strained yogurt, as opposed to unstrained, the yogurt offers the benefits of higher protein and lower sugar and carbohydrates.

Studies show that the increase of yogurt manufacturing and sales has been mostly increased due to the popularity of Greek yogurt. Higher protein and lower fat make it very desirable to the more healthy conscious consumer.

Greek yogurt is one of the most incredible tasting snacks. It is amazingly cool and creamy, but unlike most traditional yogurts it is so thick, you could almost cut it with a knife, just like a block of cheese. But with people living longer and the problem of obesity growing, it is most important to understand that the foods we consume should not only be chosen because of their great taste, but also because they can dramatically improve our health. Having a basic understanding of the nutrition of Greek yogurt will help you decide if it is right for your family or something you will want to add to your daily diet.

So we’ve talked about “what is Greek yogurt…..but more importantly, what is IN Greek yogurt that makes it so darn delicious and irresistible.


Before chowing down a bowl of Greek yogurt, it is important to understand that Greek yogurt is very high in saturated fat. Saturated fat, a dangerous type of fat has been found to be linked to the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke and even some types of cancer. The fat content found in most Greek yogurts can tip the scales on your diet. Per gram, fat contains nine calories, while in comparison protein and carbohydrates contain only about four calories per gram. Since Greek yogurt contains a high amount of fat, you will be eating a higher amount of calories, too. Greek yogurt is made mostly from whole milk, however the more healthy choice would be a brand that is made with low or non-fat milk. Save the waistline and stick with a healthier choice.


Greek yogurt really is not that bad though. For the most part, the high values of calcium found in Greek yogurt is essential for good health. We have all been taught that calcium helps to keep your teeth and bones stronger and healthier. Now, while this is very important, research has also found that calcium is essential to keeping the heart functioning normal. With the lack of calcium in your diet, you could possibly see some complications leading to more serious problems down the line.


Greek yogurt is an incredibly high source of protein. Protein is essential to maintain and promote new muscle growth. Vegetarians have found that Greek yogurt is great and agree that it can add so much more protein to their diet than having to add supplements. Before deciding to consume Greek yogurt, always check the products label for the amount of protein each serving consists of. They could vary slightly between brands, but it may be considerable enough before you choose your final product.


Greek yogurt contains a type of bacteria that goes by the name of acidophillus. Unlike other types of bacteria that can actually be quite dangerous when eaten, acidophillus has numerous health benefits including promoting good health in the digestive and reproductive tract. If you interested in this type of live bacteria, it is always good to read the label on the product label and consult your physician. It is also important to know that this type of bacteria after opened, needs to be refrigerated.

What is Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt is a creamy, rich and tart delicious snack that is sweeping the nation and for the most part the world. Super high in protein and helps in maintaining a healthy diet.